Lux International manufactures LED lighting products for indoor, outdoor, swimming pools, saunas: RGB - RGBW - WHITE from 2700K to 5000K


Linear Led

All our products, LED bars and circuits, are entirely designed and manufactured in Italy in our laboratory in Brendola, Vicenza. We produce linear led lighting with white or RGB light, rigid or flexible, for any need and application: indoor, outdoor, swimming pool, shower, etc.

We use only high quality LEDs certified IES-LM-80-2008.


We offer profiles of various shapes and sizes for indoor use in anodised aluminium with opal or satin cover for better light diffusion.

Outdoor and IP68

Our range also includes IP67 rigid aluminium profiles, for immersion made in PVC or flexible IP68 with polyurethane resin.


Specifically designed to withstand high temperatures and humidity over time, sauna and steam room lighting products include anodised aluminium profiles and spotlights in various shapes, sizes and colours, with polyurethane or silicone resin.

Sauna interior - Relax in a hot sauna


The complete range of our LED spotlights is made of AISI 316 steel for high wear resistance to all kinds of chlorinated or saline water.

Each spot light boasts an IP68 rating, making them extremely versatile and suitable for any use: swimming pools, steam room, fountains, gardens, showers, floors, etc.

They are also self-dissipating, so they do not need to be immersed in water for cooling.

They are available in 2700K – 5000K white light and RGB light, in stand-alone version or with anti-corrosion PVC counter housing, with IP68 easy-plug connector, high resistance coloured film on request

Power Rgbw

Designed for applications where particular power and brightness is required as well as a pure white light (large swimming pools, fountains, water parks) the Power RGBW line includes:

  • RGBW led bars, white at choice, for IP67 anodised aluminium profiles or IP68 rigid profiles.
  • IP68 Led spotlights, made of AISI 316 steel, stand-alone or with anti-corrosion PVC counter casing, high resistance coloured film on request, with 5000K white or RGBW power led circuits, white at choice.
prodotti-Power light RGBW

The LUX System

The LUX system is very versatile and consists in the realization of customized Linear LEDs, manufactured for different applications and according to the specific needs of the customer.

1. Choose your light

LED Bars

2. Choose the profile

Aluminium profiles
PVC profiles
Aluminium profiles
Aluminium profiles

3. Choose the protection

No protection
Polyurethan Resin
Polyurethan Resin
Silicone Resin


Indoor lighting


Lighting for pools and fountains


Lighting for steam room


Lighting for sauna

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