Linear LED

Narrow Rigid White Led Bar Continous Light

Rigid white LED bars for diffuse light, available in various sizes, also in power and sauna versions.

Narrow Rigid RGB Led Bar Continous Light

RGB diffuse light LED bars, available in various sizes, in standard and sauna versions.

Narrow Rigid Led Bar White Dynamic Light

Rigid LED dynamic white light bars in various sizes, with 20 white gradations and remote control.

Aluminum profiles

Lay Profiles

Anodized aluminium profiles available in various colours, with opal cover and mounting clip.

Recessed Profiles

Recessed anodized aluminium profiles with opal polycarbonate cover and mounting clips.

Corner Profiles

Angular anodized aluminium profiles with opal polycarbonate cover and mounting clips.

Wall Profiles

Anodized aluminium wall profile with polycarbonate opal or half-pole cover and polycarbonate cover and mounting clip.

Suspension Profiles

Anodized aluminium profiles for standing or hanging, available with opal or semi-pale polycarbonate cover, mounting clip or suspension kit.

More Profiles

Countertop, recessed, round, pendant, plasterboard, ceramic, skirting board. Available in various shapes, colours and sizes.

IP68 profiles

PVC Profile for Immersion Lighting IP68

PVC (Polyvinyl chloride) profile, widely used in construction due to the resistance to chemicals, with polyurethane resin IP68 suitable for use in chlorinated and/or saline water.

Flexible profiles

Flexi PVC IP68

Flexible white PVC profile with flexible LED bars and IP68 resin coating. Suitable for use in pool, shower, steam room.

Flexi Silicone

White silicone profile with flexible LED bars and IP67 high temperature rating. Suitable for use in sauna.

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