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36 Shades of colours + White button. 4 cycles of chrome therapy + fade. 3 Shades of brightness. Manufactured in DIN enclosure. Available with remote controller, suitable for external button and antenna.
Glossy black plexiglass frame. Display TFT 4,3”, 3 screens available. Colours selection, set selection, brightness selection.
Available in 3 versions: 350 mA – 15 Vdc, 700 mA – 15 Vdc, 1050 mA – 24 Vdc.
Modular automation systems for wellness. Designed for the management and control of industrial systems, it has now been developed and applied to systems of the wellness sector.
Decoder unit for devices with 4-20 mA.
Decoder unit for temperature probe PT100.
Decoder unit for PH probe.
Decoder unit for humidity sensor.
Decoder unit for Redox probe.
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