Lux International manufactures LED lighting products for indoor and outdoor applications, spas and swimming pools, saunas and steam-room, sensory showers and fountains.

The company was born from the merger of important international experience in the field of electronic engineering and LED lighting.

In the wellness industry, the needs of electronics and lighting are often disconnected during design and manufacturing phases. We created our business to offer a complete solution that combines both, making them part of a unique project.

We also manufacture hardware and software engineering for lighting and control systems, industrial automation such as control units, remote controls and electronic boards, operative software and graphic interfaces, providing a customised service that allows you to focus exclusively on the creative side of any type of project.

We love beautiful, quality things that last over time

That’s why all our products are unique, made to the customer requirements and strictly Made in Italy. All design and production phases are carried out in our headquarters in Brendola – Vicenza, Italy.

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If you are looking for someone to bring your project to life, without sacrificing time and creativity, contact us as soon as possible.

Headquarters UK

Stockley Park
6-9 The Square
UB11 1FW
Hayes Uxbridge
Ph: +44 (0)7494010434


Headquarters Italy

Via Orna 11/F 36040 
Brendola (Vicenza)

Tel: +39 0444 1806053


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